Frequently Asked Questions

How does it kill viruses, germs and bacteria? 

The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure’s air purification technology is proven. Similar technology is used in hospitals, Zaahn UV lean& Pure uses turbine airflow to drive contaminated air through its internal chamber. The powerful UVC waves safely neutralize and kill odor causing bacteria, releasing cleaner air back into your home. It kills these potentially harmful germs without chemicals, meaning it is safe to use around your kids and pets.

Does it destroy odors? 

Yes. Odor causing bacteria that are trapped in the chamber and neutralized and destroyed, giving you fresher, cleaner smelling air.

How much space does it cover? 

The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure will effectively sanitize a 100 cubic foot room within 2 hours.

Does the Zaahn UV Clean & Pure require batteries?

No. the Zaahn UV Clean & Pure plugs into any open outlet. The unit’s plug also rotates for easy installation in tight spots.

Are there messy filters to change

Unlike filtered air purifiers, the Zaahn UV Clean & Pure requires no filters. This saves you time and money changing messy filters.

How big is it? 

The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure is powerful, but compact. It is less than X inches tall, so it easily fits in the tightest of spots. It is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom where space is a premium.

Is it loud?

No. The Zaahn UV Clean & Pure was specifically designed to operate quietly. This makes it perfect for the bedroom as it can work through the night providing you with cleaner air while you sleep.